Bast Whisper

Oriental cattery

Oriental cats cattery


Welcome to our small world of dreams, full of cats energy and spirit.

My name is Ingrida, I live in a heart of Lithuania, together with my family and those who took away my heart forever - oriental cats. 

 Cattery names comes from old history of Egypt Gods. Bast was the daughter of God Ra, women with a head of cat.The Egyptian believed that in the day this beautiful goddess would ride through the sky with her father and by night she would transfomr into a cat and protet Ra from evil.

Just like Bast, our cats are free spirit, they embrace their charm and know exactly what they want and how to get it. 

If Bast has stepped into your world today, then the message is clear - accept your gifts. 

Enjoy our webpage and leave a part of good spirit  hear !